It Feels Right

I heard you wanna be in the driver's seat, so keep up.

Going at twenty miles an hour throughout this life on this planet so those who want to amble have the option, slowing myself down - I can’t really blame you for pulling me back but hey, if you really want to drive this car then be prepared for sudden acceleration and sharp turns. This is the authenticity brought to you. Yeah, it was comfortable before, and you really enjoyed how predictable things were, how predictable you thought I was, and now we’ve shifted to fifth and we’re going eighty - can you keep up? I believe in you. I believe in you now because I’m believing in myself and all my fast spinning comrades who turn a drunken idea into a fruitful enterprise, not losing our own morals and vision in the process. Idealists. Visionaries. Can you do it? 

I ain’t a chauffeur, honey. You actually pay the driver, in that situation. Nor am I a sat nav. That would be cool though. Omg, imagine having the entire world map just like, logged into your brain!? Becoming a cyborg isn’t so bad when you realise we’re well on our way. Taking acid, makes you a cyborg. Caffeine tablets? Cyborg. Fake lung? CYYYYYBOOOOOOOOORG. Pretty sick, right? 

Do you promise me, that you’ll honour me, don’t give up. 

There is something to be said about perfect timing but you can’t know perfect timing until you know true, innate happiness and peace. We confuse perfect timing to mean when everything is perfect like that formulated image in our head which complies with society standards and impeccable meanings we place on things that probably just require more freedom of thought. It feels right: a phrase that is saved for those who are brave enough to accept and enjoy where they are. Usually it comes with hard work. Usually it comes with having an epiphany. Take your pill and swallow her, all the way, every inch. Imagine if dicks were femminine. I wouldn’t mind. Imagine if rum and raisin ice cream didn’t have so many raisins, again, I wouldn’t mind at all.

There is something to be said about the right ones being by your side. The proverbial pruning of energy ties - no bad feelings on my side but you get what you give. I never miss a person who I’ve decided no longer respects me. I owe them nothing: it comes after feeling taken advantage of for a long time. Some people are just blind and that is theirs to own. Theirs to act on. No longer mine to heal. 

It Feels Right