The Pink Manifesto

Calling media to be different to be better.
1. Self-expression is hard. Black joy, queer joy, immigrant joy are inspirational because they are so limitlessly fuelled from unbreakable expression no matter society's judgement on them. We're tired of big media and white built businesses exploiting joy for profit.
2. We champion the right to be different and stand behind trusting new methods to get results in replace of old methods which feel static or harmful to diverse peoples and communities
3. We recognise that industry as it stands is built for whiteness: this does not mean we reject anyone who is white. It means we see the systemic bettering and privileges whiteness benefits from. We choose to see that current media and business services are white dominated and choose too actively keep these structures white serving.
4. We want roles in marketing, PR and copywriting to be fuelled by writers. Creative departments outsource a lot of their work to people truly on the ground in touch with the buzz they crave for their campaigns. We ask departments to hire different. Hire better. Hire BAME. Hire bisexuals. It's us who you depend on for your fresh takes.
5. Generational impact impacts you. Timeless content captures people across margins of age. Stand up for the young, the youth, the old and the aged. Connect with them. Be inclusive across all demographics and be intersectional with age matter issues within communities.
6. Go the extra mile in doing the good work. It is not enough to have a black friend, or go to your local ethnic grocer. We call on media agencies and communication practitioners to fully embed research in their pitches which substantially reflects ethnic minorities.
7. Everyone's a lil bit queer. Disagree? Too bad. Media is fixed in binaries of gender and non-gender: the representation is beginning to get better but we are far from fair. We demand that gender biases be double-triple-unlimited checked and you revise your content periodically. Everyone has a different definition of cosy: we all have different definitions of gender. Do more with your power and platform to represent the under represented identities: and pump it in your words, campaigns, ideas.
8. Unorthodox converts into cash but do not fake your way to being original. Do not steal or claim the originality of existing work, do not claim it merely inspired you to create YOUR similar work. We ask you to consider the art of collaboration. What have you got to lose: nothing. Collaborative measures make communities faster than borrowing ideas.